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Evasion invades TED 2018!

As many in the VR community know, we truly live in The Age of Amazement, which just so-happens to be this year’s theme at TED 2018!  In collaboration with The VRARA Vancouver Chapter, Archiact VR Games was handpicked to be a part of an exclusive VR showcase to showcase BC’s innovative technology.

The Evasion team (literally) had a blast demoing the game to show attendees from all over the globe. Equipped with our brand new banners featuring the four Hero classes, Jennifer Dowding, Richard Drozdik and Eric Hine were on hand to guide players through Evasion’s intense co-op action.

The enemy Optera’s relentless Paragords, Bombers and Gnats were shown no mercy by attendees, with lots of terrific feedback on our game visuals, action and free-move locomotion.

Thanks again to TED 2018 and The VRARA Vancouver for having us. To learn more about Evasion and to keep up-to-date with the latest news and reveals, be sure to follow Evasion on Twitter and Facebook and you can now wishlist us on Steam .