April 25, 2018 Evasion invades TED 2018!

As many in the VR community know, we truly live in The Age of Amazement, which just so-happens to be this year’s theme at TED 2018!  In collaboration with The VRARA Vancouver Chapter, Archiact VR Games was handpicked to be a part of an exclusive VR showcase to showcase BC’s innovative technology. The Evasion team (literally) had a blast demoing the game to show attendees from all over the globe. Equipped with our brand new banners featuring the four Hero classes, Jennifer Dowding, Richard Drozdik and Eric Hine were on hand to guide players through Evasion’s intense co-op action. The …


April 3, 2018 Hero Classes Q&A: Introducing The Warden and The Engineer

What is Evasion and who is behind its development? Evasion is a class-based, sci-fi VR shooter. It features full-body avatars, free-running player movement, and immersive multiplayer co-op. It pits players against an insectoid race called the Optera on an exotic alien world while providing fierce ‘Bullet Hell’ action. It is being developed by Archiact in Vancouver, Canada. We are a close-knit group of developers who are excited about bringing everything we love about FPS into virtual reality. How many hero classes does Evasion have and why did we pursue the idea of hero classes ? Different players have different play …


Evasion is coming to Intel Extreme Masters in Oakland

November 17, 2017 Evasion Is Coming to the Intel Extreme Masters!

Are you planning on attending IEM Oakland on November 18-19? Evasion is coming to the Intel Extreme Masters expo. Be amongst the first in the world to experience Evasion’s next generation ‘bullet hell’ action by joining us on the show floor. Featuring spectacular visuals and free-move locomotion, Evasion has been designed from the ground up as the authentic FPS action game for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Our crew is excited to announce that we’ve been selected by Intel as a showcase partner at the ultimate Esports expo. Round up your best friends, and prepare for some high-intensity multiplayer …


The Evasion development team

October 23, 2017 Welcome Rag-Tags! Greetings from the Evasion Team

The word is finally out… Evasion is here! Finally. Today we can officially talk about Evasion, our VR co-op bullet hell shooter, now that it’s finally been announced to the world! We’ve been working hard on Evasion for over a year and a half (!) and now we can’t wait to show it to  you. Evasion is our passion project, our love letter to VR gamers like ourselves who’ve been waiting for a high quality VR shooter that is built from the ground up for locomotion. We’ve been working with the very best leaders in technology including Unreal, Intel, Ikinema …